About Us

This website has been launched in Arabic and English in 2010 to provide for visitors and researchers information, literary and audiovisual, about the life and times of Dr. Maurice Bucaille.
The decision to build this website has been originally prompted by a direful lack of information about Dr. Bucaille experienced by the site's founder; filmmaker and writer Farouq Abdul-Aziz backed by generous support from Kuwait's Nasser Al Sa'eed Charitable Foundation. For while researching in 2008 for an upcoming documentary film production about Bucaille's contribution to the comparative studies of holy scriptures under the light of modern science, he came across a heap of material that turned out, in only a few months' time, to be just another pile of misinformation! A mélange of half-truths, guesses, and rumors, misleading the researcher to settle with groundless conclusions!
With two Bucaille film projects completed by the end of 2009, a big amount of information gathered from the most reliable resources were at hand. Bucaille's books; French, English and Arabic were consulted. Unpublished documents and not-seen-before visual material including one with Bucaille giving informal notes at a gathering in Chicago in 1987 containing first-hand information were checked and translated. Moreover many taped interviews with a co-writer, associates and close friends were conducted in several countries starting with France.
By November 2010 it has become evident that the creation of a website containing such valuable material is inevitable. Not just as a tribute to Bucaille's contribution, but to build a window where researchers can check verified, documented and serious research material in the field of comparative studies and in particular that of religion and science.
With more than 70.000 visitors since its launch to its credit, the bucaillelegacy.com likes to single out one academic nod from researcher Stefano Bigliardi of the Lund University, Sweden, as noted in his two papers about the case of Dr. Bucaille; he stressed that the website along with Abdul-Aziz' film Maurice and the Pharaoh (2012) "provide the most reliable sources for serious Bucaille research"