Q: Have you embraced Islam?
A: I wanted to make it quite clear in the very beginning that even before I learnt the first letter of Bismillah, I was convinced that God was unique and all- powerful and when God guided me to undertake a study of the Qur’an, my inner soul cried out that Al- Qur’an was the Word of God revealed to his Last Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.).
In my book Qur’an, Bible and Science, I have mentioned these facts and the book has met with instant success in the entire Christian world. In this book I have devoted myself to discuss all problems from purely academic angle, rather than that of faith or belief which would have revealed only my personal convictions. This was because I desired to be treated by the world as an academician rather than a theologian. About my faith and belief, God knows what is in one’s heart. I am convinced that if I identify myself with any creed, people will invariably dub me as one belonging to such and such group and feel that whatever I say or do, I do so from only the angle of such and such creed group. I know my fellow beings very well and understand their mentality only too well. I wanted to assure them that all my pronouncements are based on scientific knowledge and not on any religious dogmas.

Dr. Bucaille Appeard in a Sequence from Book of Signs

Q: This is O.K., but since you have referred to God’s complete awareness with what is in one’s heart, may we ask what your opinion about human heart is?
A: Heart is not an apparent and perceptible organ of the body. It is the abode of faith and source of eternal light.
Q: What are your views on Islamic mission and its future in the west?
A: The best method is to approach the people through in their own language. I am using the world language in its broadest sense, i.e. comprehensive of all the factors which go to make any language complete and expressive of peoples’ views and beliefs. The principles and the regulations, towards which you are inviting their attention, should be presented in the style with which you are familiar and which is popular among them. In my book “Qur’an Bible and Science”, I have adopted a new style to acquaint the readers with Qur’anic truths and to understand the intrinsic value of al-Qur’an. This unprejudiced and impartial viewpoint of mine gave an impetus to the wide circulation in my books. Firstly, I tried to find out the central point of attention of the Christians and the style that appeals to their common sense. Thereafter I achieved this success. After the publication of these books I received a number of letters from great academicians and research scholars as well as commoners in which they expressed their interest in my study of Al-Qur’an and appreciated it. They felt satisfied with my views about the Bible and confirmed the fallacies pointed out by me. I once entertained some Christians at home, in which they expressed their astonishment over the literature I produced regarding Islam and inquired the names of exegesis to acquire correct information about it.
Q: What are your activities now?
A: We are now trying to produce a film on “Science, the Qur’an and the Origin of Man” as a matter of fact I have deep friendly relations with Malaysia. The provincial branch of “Dawa-Islamia” has passed a resolution to produce a film on the Qur’an and the director of the producing company visited Paris to prepare a plan for it. This film is to be in Technicolor. The duration of its presentation is fifty-five minutes being devoted to the Qur’an and the history of the facts related to it, the verses of the Qur’an are depicted in this film. Thus it is of great importance. Six hundred thousand dollars have been collected to produce this film. The preparation of this film has already been started. To begin with it will be produced in five languages, and then it will be extended up to ten. The first print will be in English, then Arabic and French, and thereafter in other languages. It will be circulated throughout the world.

Still from Book of Signs

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