Q: What is the verdict of Science on Man; and why this conflict between Science and Religion on this score?
A: In my book, “Origin of Man”, I have endeavored to explain what is dubious and what is proved according to scientific findings. I have also dealt with the theories formerly supported by scholars, but now their very basis is being demolished and proved to be without sound scientific footing. In 1851, Darwin published his first book, “Origin of Species”. In it he has pointed out that “All animals can procreate amongst themselves”, but he did not take the trouble to demonstrate and prove scientifically his view that the “Genealogy of Man” extends up to monkey.
Q: Then who is responsible for propounding this frivolous theory?
A: The fact is that some other people metamorphosing and without statements digesting his theories, assigned wrong statements to Darwin, which comprised the assumption that “Man has evolved from apes”. Nevertheless, it is also true that Darwin did not care to contradict such false notions assigned to him as it was in this connection and on this topic that confrontation occurred between the supporters of Darwin and the Clergy, where both the parties roundly abused and maligned each other. That is why it is now essential that a line of demarcation should always be drawn between the results of scientific investigations and arbitrary views of scholars like Darwin.
Q: By such scientific discourses, debates and discussions even Scriptures, are exposed to scientific test resulting in exposing their errors and pin-pointing their weaknesses. As such, may we inquire if you have some across any such anomalies in the Qur’an, i.e. where its expositions and explanations are in contrast to scientific findings?
A: The Scriptures of non-Muslims have been copied and passed on from generation to generation and through different personalities. The oldest document of this nature is “Jehovah”, which was written some time during 9th Century A.D. This book, although not voluminous, is still the most comprehensive document of its kind. The second book (Sacrodotal), although generally treated as Preface to the Bible, came to light in 600 B.C. It deals with the creation of universe and the appearance of Man on earth and the stories narrating the events following it. The Bible comes thereafter, but the books of the “New Testament” do not throw much light on the problem of Man. They repeat the statements of the Old Testament as adopted by St. Luke. Qur’an made its appearance six hundred years after Jesus and furnished valuable material on Man and his creation which was (and still is) totally lacking in the Old as well as the New Testaments and other Scriptures. What is more important is this context is that unlike the Bible’s Old and New Testaments, Qur’an is completely free from errors and interpolations.

Dr. Bucaille Vehemently Expressing his Ideas

Q: In your opinion, what are the main causes of such plentiful errors in other Scriptures?
A: The compilers of the Holy Scriptures, in their vanity, presumed to have compiled them on the basis of heavenly revelations. But all their efforts were the echoes of their period resounding the thoughts prevalent in that particular environment. They presented the conception of Man and the phenomenon of his creation as if enunciated by God Himself, though it merely reflected the traditions the rite and the perceptions well known and prevalent at that time. This fact is admitted unanimously by all the exegetes of the Bible, be they Roman Catholics or Protestants.
Q: Does the church also admit this fact and subscribe to this view?
A: Yes Sir. The church did accept this truth which was incorporated in the proceedings on the occasion of the second Vatican conference, which was held to declare the “Revolutionary Nature of Old and New Testaments”. They admitted that some parts of these Bibles are defective and contradictory in purport.
Q: What are your views about the Qur’an in this behalf?
A: Now this is a matter of entirely a different nature. All scholars of the Qur’an are unanimous that the Qur’an is the “Word of God” as revealed to His Last Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.) through Gabriel (The Angel of Revelation). I have studied the Book (Qur’an) very carefully and have not come across one single instance of scientific fallacy anywhere in it. On the contrary, I have felt that the (higher) truths and realities inherent in Qur’anic Text have been, throughout the history of 1400 years, beyond the comprehension of ordinary human beings which in itself, is positive proof that the Qur’an is the Word of God and it is (at places) beyond intellectual potential of mortal man; be he an excellent scholar or philosopher of the highest caliber, who is not always able to explain the inherent realities of nature as revealed in the Qur’an. What obviously conflicts with scientific truth is the assumption of the Bible that although life erupted in the form of various species, which have endured, there has been no evolution or improvement in their functions. On the other hand according to the Qur’an, Man has transgressed through gigantic changes in the course of the entire history of humanity. I felt it very necessary to inform the Christians of the world of this very serious discrepancy in the Bible. As it happen to be impartial, truthful and very outspoken in my studies, I have been repeatedly called upon from time to time to express my views regarding these matters before distinguished gatherings. On all such occasions, I have always dealt with the subject from the scientific point of view, ignoring the ecclesiastic or theological context. Whatever has appeared to be dubious or fit for further investigation, I have tried to put it on the touchstone of criticism and have not allowed to pass it unchallenged.
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