Written, produced and directed by Farouq Abdul-Aziz.
A M a n a r a Communications Inc., release (2015).

The Power of the preposition!
A major part of the Qur’an’s overwhelming power lies in its utmost and absolute linguistic precision. Every Arabic word matters where denotations and connotations form the main body of the Qur’anic structure.
In 1973 Dr. Bucaille had successfully completed his Arabic studies at the University of Paris. His newly acquired knowledge of Arabic led him to match his animal physiology information with two prepositions in verse 66, chapter 16:
In cattle there is indeed a sure lesson for you.
We give you to drink
of what is within their bellies–
‘produced’ alongside excretion and blood–
a pure milk,
‘pleasingly’ palatable to those who drink it.
‘of’ is one preposition and ‘alongside’ is another.
Watch to see how only two prepositions led Bucaille to discover a scientific sign in this verse.