Written, produced and directed by Farouq Abdul-Aziz.
A M a n a r a Communications Inc., release (2015).

Qur’an in the Academy!
Amazing story!
Soon after publishing his first book; The Bible, the Qur’an and Science in summer of 1976, Dr. Bucaille took an unexpected turn! On November 9, 1976 he chose a controversial topic to present to the mostly irreligious or skeptic members of France’s prestigious National Academy of Medicine. And what a title: Physiological and Embryological Data in the Qur’an!
The well-known Gastroenterologist could not resist the temptation of declaring his ‘scientific findings’ in a 14 century-old book risking his stature as a scientist (I came across one patent under Bucaille-Sopoult in the Academy annals). Science by methodology is in sharp contrast to Religion’s authoritarianism. Who would, among his listeners, understand his discovery that the Qur’an is NOT just another holy book?!
This has been the first, and probably the last, time the word Qur’an is ever mentioned in the Academy!