In its second edition, held in December 2010, the Sheikh Fahad Al -Ahmad International Award for Charity, governed by a panel of international jury has awarded the Farouq Abdul-Aziz latest documentaries; ‘Maurice and the Pharaoh’ and ‘From Microcosm to Macrocosm’ its top prize for the most creative charitable work category of 2010.

Since its inception in 2009 the Competition has been attracting considerable attention. The Competition has in the last few months been registered with the Arab League, the Islamic Conference Organization and the Arabian Gulf Program to support the United Nations Developing Program UNDP in the region. Gaining more recognition the Competition is set to reach new regions in its upcoming editions. The Competition entity is a branch from the Sheikh Fahad A-Ahmad Humanitarian Society, thus it should be seen as an effort to share in the ongoing social and economic development in the region.

Both documentaries were screened at the Al Jazeera Documentary Film Festival in April 2010, then at the opening of the Islamic Film Festival held in Chicago in July 2010 to a full acclaim.

They were also premiered at Kuwait’s prestigious Scientific Center in October then in November 2010 at the Gulf University of Science and Technology to an amazing audience and critical acclaim.

The prize presentation ceremony was held at the Al Raya Court Yard Hotel in Kuwait city on January 10, 2010.